Pit bull

Pit bull dog excited to meet newborn baby

Gemma the pit bull cant contain her excitement while meeting the newest member of the family! Watch how she reacts after the newborn baby is brought home for the very first time. Absolutely

What do you get when your cross a dog and a banana

What happens when you come across a Pit Bull and a banana?
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Baby hands gentle pit bull a MilkBone
Gemmas MilkBone ritual: 1. Dance around the MilkBone 2. Push it across the floor with muzzle 3. Let baby play with MilkBone until mom gives it back 4. Take MilkBone to cozy place and
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Dog leaves the shelter for a new home
Lily, a 10 year old blind pit bull leaves the shelter!! She is on her way to her foster home to get healthy and then to find a home to call her own where she will be loved forever! Twitter: https://twitter.com/RescueDogHouse

Pit bull gives adorable baby a laugh attack

Baby Elliott just cant stop laughing while getting a bath from Gemma the pit bull. His reaction will definitely bring a smile to your face, check it out!
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The Pit Bull tillbaka i UFC efter sex år
Andrei `The Pit Bull` Arlovski (21-10-1) gick 14 matcher i UFC mellan 2000 och 2008. Nu är det dags igen och han möter Brendan Schaub (10-3-0) på UFC 174 i Vancouver Canada lördag den
Dogs Who Love Water
We dare you to have a better time than a dog charging down a water slide. Can you find more zen than a pit bull taking a candle-lit bath? Either way, the dogs in this video will make
`Jag är som en pit bull det är min filosofi`
Från bänken i Finland till förstemålvakt i Örebro. Tomer Chenchinski tänker inte släppa taget om förstaplatsen. Kanadensaren ser också en enorm kvalitetsskillnad mellan Sverige och Finland.
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